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Now before you visit the above pages to look for your next purchase of a VW Campervan a few words of caution. Not every Campervan offered for sale has been well loved. Many have had very hard and uncared for existences and as a result will be best to avoid as they will become costly to maintain.

Things to look for are : RUST If the body work and chassis have been neglected any area of visible rust is going to be a warning sign for the prospective purchaser. Rust is always expensive to repair in a  Campervan. look in the obvious places such as roof guttering,sills,edges to all the body panels,wheel arches,chassis members and out riggers.

Modifications: Avoid these at all costs, the usual one is where the body has been lowered. It does not pay to play with the suspension on the Campervan as alterations can be dangerous and unsafe in terms of road holding. The other obvious disadvantage with a lowered bus is how do you get down on your knees and look underneath it? You will surely have to do this a few times once you own one!

Leaks: If you find an engine oil leak near the gearbox I would walk away. Such a leak could be the flywheel oil seal and this is no easy task as it usually means the engine has to be removed to replace. Whilst the older ones should expect to have some gearbox noises if it whines loudly or jumps out of gear or the engine blows a lot of blue smoke I would walk away.

If the heater controls do not work be prepared for a costly job later of new heat exchangers. petrol smells inside are best avoided too as rusty petrol tanks are an expensive item to replace.

Do not just fall in love with the IMAGE of the campervan, have a good prod around it, test it properly, ask to see bills and receipts, check to see evidence of servicing and replacement parts on a regular basis. Avoid a badly looked after bus can save you a fortune.

Here we have included information for you Maintenance Tips and the multitude of different Van Conversions including Popular Interior Makers

Some owners are not careful - watch the video below and then head over into any one of the pages above with a more cautious approach to buying your campervan

You have been warned!

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VW Camper Vans For Sale

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